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App is good, but not fully clear

I placed an order for a pair of nmd rx1’s. Everything from ordering and shipping went smoothly but when I recieved the sneakers they were a women’s shoe, which was not in any description on the app pertaining to this sneaker. I have heard back from customer support once about them looking into it but have not heard since. I am hoping this can be resolved soon because I did enjoy the experience of the app.

Buyer Beware

This was the most stressful online purchase I’ve ever made! Never will I Ever shop with them again Ever!!! Do yourself a favor and go to Goat or StockX ... I did get the shoes eventually tho! Never again!!


Always on time with the updates I love this app!!!!!!!!!!!


Great App

Kicks on fire

There the best honestly always keeping u on track with The sneakers there always giving you updates on everything ya digg if there seeing this just Hook me up with some of your merch 🙏🏻💣🔥💥


This is so good by the way I am using my dads iPad he doesn’t know. So if he catches me I get hit with the bamboo stick


This is great now can find new shoes and ones that are trending


Great app!! It keep me updated on the shoes and I love it

Kicks on fire 🔥

This app is awesome it gives you the bet feed & you can see how much the shoes you want cost just with a tap ✊🏽 but anyway it’s really cool it’s the best shoes app right now (Its litt 🔥) ~Yazzmine💓☺️~ sorry android users 😂😂😂

legit app!

what a great experience

Great selection

I heard about them for quite some time now and I was curious so I decided to give them a try. The shoe I purchased was the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement it’s hard to get a hold of them each time there was a rerelease they would sell out fast so I decided to research and I ran into Kicks on fire and decided to sign up and the rest is history because I am totally satisfied.

Can’t even buy

Every app & website along with this one acts like the good releases are top notch secrets they can’t release but yet want us to buy and feed into to the app. Why can’t it be consistent outlets on where to get what we see on the website


When I cop off here it’s to rock Not resell like most cats , I never win I always have to buy from a 2nd party for what ever price not cool

Like you guys shoes

Like you guys shoes


Yes the app works for finding out new releases but they also sale you fake shoes I tried getting my money back there’s not even a number to contact kicks on fire even they’re customer service chat up under help in the app I reached out to them no reply DONT SPEND MONEY WITH kicks on fire

Crash Crash Crash

Why bother downloading an app that doesn’t even open , it just crashes


Best sneakers app ever 🙏🏽


So far so good can’t complain about the quality of the app other then that it’s good to go

Great app with NEW and up and coming Sneakers

Let’s you know of all the hottest releases coming up


There’s nothing like this app


Has Anyone Ever Bought A Past Released Shoe, & If So Did You Receive What You Paid For? How Does That Work?

Paid money and didn't get sneakers


Kicks on fire are fire

I've been a big time sneaker head the last 20 yrs. kicks on fire is the only legit sight there is out there. It's not coming out unless you see it here

Never received sneakers

Placed order on 4/24/18 and never received anything. I was patient until I asked about shipment and started getting the run around about their fulfillment center. Turns out you don’t buy from them here I was purchasing from albundyskicks. After four days I was offered a refund but five days after that I still haven’t received it Thanks to PayPal it’s in dispute and should have a refund within 10 days if they don’t respond to them. Hopefully they do earlier. This was a preorder on og 1 clay green and I payed well over the market price for them even with that I would have been happy with the shoes for simple fact I really wanted them and thought I was buying from a trusted seller. I don’t recommend for anybody trying to buy with their hard earned $. This is the first review I have ever giving anybody and been buying for a long time from resellers. This was my first purchase from here and definitely my last. Thank you PayPal


This app is very useful

Best App Ever!!!!

100% LEGIT! Easy, Smooth Transitions! My every week special!

App doesn’t work!

Ive been trying for over 3 hours to get this app to work but every time I try to click purchase it sends me to PayPal and then won’t work from there!

Don’t waste your time.

They resale shoes at a way over price rate. And they say we guarantee a great price and authenticity shoes yet the shoes come damaged or not at all. Delete this app. (Delete All that 🤬!!) try to resale 100$ pair of shoes for 320$!!! who made these Jesus(Lord forgive me) naaawww not me. This is a LEGAL SCAM


I thought this app was the stuff. Always updated with the latest and greatest. Hi def pics of every sneaker. A list to store your favorites when you are ready for purchase. No glitches and a high review rating.. surely if they have a no returns/no exchange policy they would let you know at the point of purchase right?!! WRONG. You're stuck with them regardless of how they feel or look on you. First and last purchase. Hope this helps someone.

Sneaker App

The best app for all your sneaker news!!!!


My girlfriend ordered a pair of dark grey 12’s from this app for my 23rd birthday and after the 50$ shipping fee she ended up paying $300 for the shoes only to be sold one fake shoe and one real one. This not only amazed me that they would stoop this low but surprised me that they thought nobody would notice. She only ordered through this site because she thought it was a reputable company,as did I but that clearly is not the case. We hope to get this issue resolved but have not heard back from them yet. Update-It’s been almost a week and no response back from their customer service, this app has a lot of fake reviews obviously and if you don’t feel like getting ripped off don’t even waste your time with this phony app and company.


This app is awesome


I love this app


Son los numero uno en teni

Sarah love you

Looooooovvvvvveeeer meeeeee

App review

Best shoe app out there you ball bags

Stole My Money

I placed an order using this app received an order number but do not see my order but my debit card was still charged kicks on fire stole my money im using goat at least they are legit


I purchased the 1000 pack of coins twice and never got my account credited a message just read that the credit failed. Update: sent an email and still nothing to fix this. Had the money taken out of my account and all

Grade A Shoes

Best site to get the best shoes!

Great app! But.......

KicksOnFire is a great app the only thing is that the shoes are WAYYY to over priced for example the retail price of the kyrie 4 Chinese New Year is $120 but the price on KicksOnFire would be $154-175 that’s pretty much the only thing i dont like about the app but it’s still a great app👍


Great Site Very Organized


Best app ever

Authentic or not

I’m trying to see if it’s 100% authentic before I order???👀👀👀

Love this app

I love this app because instead of going to the store to see if they have the shoes your looking for you can check on your phone and order the shoes 🤗

This s@%* official!

No fufu no lulu


Best app evea

Pretty good app

It’s pretty good


Best App for shoe release dates


Kick on fire is the best app to use from looking for shoe and shoe news. #KicksOnFiretillidie🔥

Not that great!

Doesn’t give you much information and I think it’s insane how they give you the retail price, but the sale price is hundreds more.

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