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KicksOnFire On Point Date Release

Keep me ahead the game on upcoming kickz


Lit af


Amazing shoes for amazing prices


I love this app it helps me cop all the fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

My favorite app baby

I love you guy’s always have stuff on time every one love the app you guy’s should get a store

Great buy an sell system

It speaks for its self


Love this site...

Win like 96

Love my new shoes.... they didn’t come from the US so I was a little scared but when they arrived I was like #awesomesauce!!!!!! Thanks kicks on fire.

A very great app. Just one suggestion.

One of the things that a lot of people base their sneaker shopping on is whether or not the shoe will be limited. I think it will be a great feature to see if the shoe will be a grand release, semi-grand release, semi limited, limited, and extremely limited. This will help buyers know if they can get their hands on a pair easily and resellers (unfortunately) can see whether they can sell the shoe for a good amount.



I'm so proud that my father was able get

The app

Love the App

Great app with fastest sneaker updates.

Best in the game

Hands down, best kicks app I’ve ever had. Ordered retro 13s that are no longer on the shelf near me and had them shipped to Guam. They arrived in less than a week in mint condition! If you love kicks, you absolutely must have this app. What took me so long to get it!?!?!

The Best🤗

I don’t use the app to buy the shoes it helps me know when they drop and I go and pick them up from any shoe store it’s very helpful best app EVER!!

Shoes nike

Excellent and good quality

Fake win like 96 Jordan’s

I ordered on the 10th of December. Finally revived my order to with fake Jordan’s. No one will help me. Very much a scam site. Please find the shoes somewhere else.

Personal view of kicks on fire

If you are a person that likes sneakers and that likes to stay up to date to the latest sneakers, news, and trends. This is the app to use.

Awesome app

Love KicksOnFire keeps me updated on the lates kicks.. Nice app!!!


Best app ever


Great articles and Aesthetically pleasing!

Could have been perfect

Could have been perfect if the app gave out prices with certain sizes

KicksOnFire indeed sell’s fakes.

I recently purchased some Air Jordan Retro Space Jam 11’s. They were fake.🤬😡 Their policy states that all shoes are 100% authentic and I can’t even get my money back on the gosh dang shoes is the thing. I tried contacting them and I had to send 2 messages to get them to reply, and they eventually sent me an email address that I sent an email to 3 days ago and still didn’t get an answer. !!!!!DO NOT BUY SHOES FROM THIS APP!!!!!


This app is very useful they have all the shoes I could ever dream of like the Jordan 1’s through so on

Really helps me out

Being a manager at a sneaker store and around the holiday seasons it’s good to always quickly look at the app and see when a specific sneaker is coming out . Or if it’s coming out soon when on the go

Never received shoes

I placed a order on 10th of December for the red Jordan 11’s . The shipping is a extra 40 dollars 😡but I really wanted the shoe ! I was suppose to receive my shoes on the 18 😡😡I still have no shoes and I received a email saying that they did not receive all there inventory so I have to wait until the other half of the shoes come in 🤬🤬 I checked Footlocker app they have the shoes plus it’s free shipping use footlocker 😇KICKS ON FIRE basically sold me a wish shoe and took my 💰 then want me to hope ..!! This really messed up my Xmas the shoes or for my son🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤭 customer served not trying to send me anything extra or even try to inform me I had to chase them down with email 😷😷


Awesome app maintain us on a day by day sneakers update 💪🏻💪🏻


Shows releases months before they drop! I fw this app hard bro.

Decent app, needs to work with vendors more

Great app to see what’s out there. It’s a little prehistoric when it comes to ordering though. KOF should work more closely with vendors to ensure timely shipping. Other than that, it’s aiiiight!! Lol


Wide variety and excellent delivery time would 20/10 recommend

Jordan Red 11s Order

The delivery date was said to be December 14-18th. When I contacted customer support, they stated my item will ship by the 18th (as in leave the warehouse). Two options for this company: (1) keep your word/stick to what you have in writing; or, (2) notify the customer. I shouldn't have been the one to find out my order would be delayed. Send notification, an email or something.


Love it because I can see good prices for good shoes

They arrived very quickly

I made my first purchase on kof they have always been very reliable company when it comes different brands of sneaker


G. O. A . T🐐

Comment back please

Oh legit is this app?

Great App

Thanks for having us all breaking news lol

5 star

Great reference to original high quality sneakers, and gives online shoppers a chance to win free shoes with. No expense.👌🏻🔑



Great app

Helps me find out when all the new releases come out

Wow 🤗

This app is really amazing and I can’t wait to order my shoe for cheap off of here 10/10 but I wish there were more ways to make coins

Love the app

Must have

It's ok

I just wish they had Like ales or email coupons

Good app

Super awesome app


i love it i love it i love it i love it

Really good app

Really good app

Very useful app

Very useful for me and my fellow sneaker heads

Best goddam app I’ve ever used in my life.

Remember the scene in Pulp Fiction where John Travolta blows the dude’s head off? That’s this app.


KicksOnFire is the best shoe app hands down

Awareness of pleasure

I like kicks on fire because you can always know when sneakers come out on the exact date. Therefore I can always know when the sneakers are sold out and which sneakers are still in stock. What I’m suggesting is to give out free sneakers every once in a blue moon.


This app is amazing to check when shoes are coming out and they have cheap prices 😁 I will recommend 😄

Good app

Its a really good app for sneakers. Its ALMOST up to date with all the exclusive shoes. & I like the the fact that it gives the price guide of the shoes as well. I recommend to the developers, to allow a feature that allows us to save a shoe in the price guide section so we can be up to date with the market value( if it increases or decreases) instead of looking it up every time. That would be convenient !

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