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Kicks on Fire

i ordered a pair of shoes feb 28th and just got them March 19th even though everything was in greatcondition it took to long to be delivered ......


Y’all the shizniea

Fake shoes

Shoe from the app is fake please don’t waste your money!!

Great App

Great service nice delivery speed and information is always accurate!!!

Retro Jordan

It needs more choices and varieties in terms of retros my brother


Go to NIKE you’ll have better luck.

Great app


First and last time I buy from KicksOnFire

Ordered a pair of Jordan 3 black cement as a gift and I received it defective. The elephant print on the back side of the shoe looks like it got messed up during manufacturing. There’s a straight line going through the print 🤬 I honestly can’t believe KicksOnFire would actually let these sneakers leave their site. Any customer that pays $200+ for these shoes should expect to receive an up to standard pair of shoes. I sent their customer service a message for a refund on their app and I have yet to hear back with any reply. The shoes themselves are beautiful, I bought a pair from a different store and it was perfect. KICKSONFIRE IS A DISAPPOINTMENT FOR SELLING SNEAKERS THAT AREN’T UP TO PART. Which only makes me think that these just might be fake. Honestly, take your money elsewhere.

SneakerHead Secretary

I love this app, coming from a TRUE SneakerHead, I wouldn’t consider any other app for my resource. It’s very reliable, and legit. Five stars in underrated for Kicks On Fire, and that’s FACTS!🗣💯.

Return to merchant

I’ve been trying to buy the air more uptempo’s all day, every time I click the purchase button and put in the info for my paypal account I get a message that says unable to process payment please return to merchant, blah blah blah. This has been very frustrating I’m about ready to pay the extra money trough flight club where at lease I won’t have problems processing payment, I’m hoping this is just a glitch...


Every time I try to order a pair of shoes it will show the order screen and the address field will be empty try to input my address the app will close it keeps doing it and then when I’m browsing after awhile the app also close and it will keep doing it on its own

Legit Greatness

My Pure Money 4s, Marvin Martian 7s, Kyrie Black Ice and History of Flight 13s all came from this app. All are real, all got here decently fast, and all are well priced. This is the shoe plug right here

Skip love kicks

Love kicks on fire shows all the latest 🔥🔥hottest sneaks....


Fire App


Where are the taxis why are they not on the app new releases I thought they were coming out on March 18th


Definitely the realist site, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FREE SHIRTS!!

With all these bad reviews I WONT EVEN DOWNLOAD

These reviews are wild!!! I won’t even bother installing the app. Yet alone try and buy from it. Especially from a company I need to track down via emails. I’m good I’d rather take an L and immediately get refunded through a major corporation right away than wait almost a year Thanks but no thanks

Every time you want to buy, it crashes..

Seems like it would be a really cool app. However, every time I try to make a purchase, it closes out of the app. Selling false dreams?

Too pricey.

Rip off

Can’t buy shoes

Every single time I try to buy shoes on my iPhone 7 Plus I get as far as picking the shoe size go to shipping address and the app closes every time done it 30 times now smh

Playing with my emotions 😡

Every time I click purchase on the shoes I want. I click shipping to add shipping info and then the app closes out completely. I go back try again this time just clicking buy now and the app says add shipping info 🤦🏾‍♀️ i click okay then the app closes out completely again. 😡 I try again going back clicking shipping to add the shipping info and the app closes completely again... very frustrated

Rip Off Stupid Bias App

They re sale the shoes. They put the original price but don’t sell it for that price which is crazy. And if a lot of people are on this app it constantly crash. I don’t know how it has such a high rating this app is the worse rip.

I love it

Great app


I bought extra coins to enter into the shoe giveaway contests. Money was taken out of my account but I have not seen the coins appear anywhere in my account! There is no support for this app it appears. I Googled the app name along with support and found an email address. Not sure if it is even a legit address. Have emailed it twice, with no response! Would either like my money back or my product purchased to show up in my account!! Update - 3/2/18 A reply almost a year later?! How about a full refund and we call it even? I’ll save my honest response for your sake... No way am I reinstalling your app to use my “double coin” reimbursement!


Has any body ordered shoes off this app if so did you have problems ? Did it take long to receive your shoes ?

Fake shoes!!

Bought BC3s and they were fake 😡 I even contacted them and they reassured me that they were real. Their excuse for shipping from Taiwan was that they are manufactured in Asia. No refunds no returns like wth?! Smh never again , lesson learned. I wish I could give negative stars and get my money back.

Kicks on fire

Best shoe app I ever have 💯💯💯



love h

i love the shoes I love u

Jordan retro 3

I bought a pair of these last week and I really love the service that I got the shipping was very quick and fast will gladly shop again here and will be recommend it to everyone thanks


Best App Ever!!!

I’ve had it for years

Thumbs up

All as promised

All as promised; fast shipping

Great app

Very well maintained

Daniels opinion

I think kicks on fire a the best shoe app in my opinion they let you kno before and after the show comes out only if I had money on my card I would buy shoes from this app every time

Fake J3

I ordered Jordan 3 black cement on february 13. Item shipped from Taiwan. No retail price tag on the box, shoe stitches are a mess, the red shoelace holes are covered with the leather, and leather material has very poor quality. I contacted their customers service, they said their product is non refundable once its already shipped. I tried to track this shipment, i dont think it was authenticated by their office. I ordered this shoes on the 13th, i received the product on the 15th and This product was shipped directly from Taiwan. Smell of the shoes is terrible. My 1st and last.

Actual Price

They should write the actual price of the shoe in YOUR size. I don’t want to see how much a shoe costs at size 6 in youth. I want to see MY size. And you should be able to make a cart, not just a wants section. Other than that it’s a great app, and I love the layout!


RockStar ready app


Perfect Quality Pictures, they put time an effort into this app.

Sneaker app

Great app

Sneaker head

It is what it is



Great app

I love it


Love it fam


Incredible the help and the site lay out




I ordered a pair of Jordan 11s and I put my credit card on there and they took 850$ out of my account 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻them

Thank You

This app is the best I could ever download on this phone it shows me all the show I want to check out it's just incredible. Thank you Kicks On Fire


This app is very amazing and extremely accurate it has help me with many sneakers I’ve obtain.

Can I get a free shoe thank you

Can I get some free shoe

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